Inspire Your Heart with Art | Jan 31st - Bobbie Bush Boston Portrait Artist
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Inspire Your Heart with Art | Jan 31st

Inspire Your Heart with Art | Jan 31st


How do you Inspire your Heart with Art?

January 31st is “Inspire Your Heart With Art” day!

So, how will you spend it… maybe you might visit a museum, flip through an art book, or pick up a paint brush?

In honor of the national “Inspire Your Heart With Art” day, I looked back at the many ways I have found inspiration over this past year. The list was in fact rather long! I have to say, this year in particular has been one that sparked my creative energy.

I’ve found creative inspiration in so many ways, near and far. Visits to three major museums in Boston, Chicago and Detroit. Gallery hopping to over 30 galleries in Provincetown, MA. A week-long painting workshop in Louisiana. Celebrating at a street festival for the mural art of Punto Art Museum. Live performances on stage at the Wang Theatre with visual art, dance, drumming by Express Yourself. Collecting and reading art books I’ve found at used book shops and online. Watching DVDs and videos of working artists demonstrating their skills. And so much more.

Below are a few of the highlights from this past year of how I fueled my creative juices.

Inspired by Art Museums

In September, I was so excited to travel to Chicago with some close friends & artists to see the John Singer Sargent show at the Chicago Institute of Art. We spent the entire day at the museum, closely studying every brushstroke. What a lovely way to be inspired. Especially when I was able to be up close and personal with each work of art.


While I was at the exhibition, I was able to take several photos of the details of the paintings, for reference in my own work. Knowing how Sargent paints hands, fabrics and the highlight of a piece of jewelry is so wonderfully inspiring.


Inspired by Art Books

My favorite hidden gem in midcoast Maine is a tiny little bookstore called Lobster Lane. It’s a totally unassuming wooden shack located on the water in Spruce Head, Maine. Those who know about it, love it! I am always amazed what I can find there, and this trip, I scooped up a stack of art books, for under $20! The owner keeps the shop stocked with every kind of title, and it is always an adventure to see what I will find each summer.


Inspired by Art Workshops

In June of 2018, I flew all the way to Shreveport, Louisiana to take a painting class. It was worth it! I was with other like-minded artists and portrait artists who were hungry to further our education. A week-long retreat is very nourishing for the creative soul.


Inspired by Art in my Community

Right here at home, in Salem, Massachusetts, I am amazed at the explosion of art all around town! Just outside the doors of my studio, is the neighborhood called the Point. A local non-profit organization, the North Shore CDC, started to paint the entire neighborhood with enormous 3-story murals on the exterior of the buildings. Now exists a cutting edge outdoor walking art museum called Punto Urban Art Museum.


If you haven’t been to Salem lately, you need to take a walk through the Punto Urban Art Museum and I guarantee, you will be inspired!


Inspired by Art Films & Documentaries

Over the holidays this past December, I had the privilege of visiting the Detroit Institute of Art (DIA). I was so excited to visit, especially after seeing the museum featured in a documentary film at the Salem Film Fest called Beauty and Ruin. I had forgotten that there was an enormous installation of frescos by Diego Rivera… and walking around the corner to discover it that day was mind-blowing. You can definitely say that I was inspired!


I hope that you too inspire your heart with art today and everyday.


Bobbie Bush is a Massachusetts based portrait artist, with her studio located north of Boston in historic Salem, MA, specializing in children and family portrait art. Voted Best of Boston in 2017 by the Boston A-List. To learn more about her painted artwork and commissioned painted portraits, see the gallery or more about the process.