Meet the Artist - Bobbie Bush Boston Portrait Artist
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Meet the Artist

With over 20 years experience as a portrait artist, Bobbie is a natural at capturing genuine heart-felt expressions in her subjects of all ages. Having this gift is why it makes sense to choose Bobbie for your painting because we begin the process with the most authentic expression and carry that likeness through to the finished painting.

Artist’s Statement¬†

“I truly believe that a fine portrait painting is a testament to one’s value, worth and sense of belonging. Having portrait paintings displayed in the home shows that you are loved.”

– Bobbie Bush


Who do you trust to create your painting?

When choosing to make an investment into commissioning a painted portrait, finding the right portrait painter can feel a bit intimidating. It is important to feel a honest connection with the artist you work with, and to trust that the finished portrait will best represent the subject, depicting the authentic personality and true likeness of the individual all the way through to the finished painting.

behind the scenes at Boston portrait artist Bobbie Bush
Boston portrait artist Bobbie Bush
detail of painting of a ballerina by Boston Portrait Artist Bobbie Bush


From initial photographic capture to the finished oil painting, Bobbie meticulously crafts the portrait by hand through each step of the process. 


Favorite portrait painters include John Singer Sargent, Raymond Everett Kinstler and John Howard Sanden. Favorite figurative painters over time include Goya, Rembrandt, Degas and landscapes by Corot.

Background & Education

Born and raised in West Hartford, Connecticut, Bobbie grew up among family members pursing both the fine arts and music. Her formal education includes a BA in art history and an MBA in business administration. In her professional development, she has studied with numerous nationally recognized portrait artists in the fields of both photographic portraiture and fine art painting. For nearly 30 years, Bobbie has established her home in Salem, Massachusetts, on the north shore of Boston. In her spare time, she loves to travel, kayak and spend time on the coast of Maine.

We accept a limited number of painting commissions each month. Please inquire to learn more.