Memorial Portrait | Remembering a Father - Bobbie Bush Boston Portrait Artist
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Memorial Portrait | Remembering a Father

memorial portrait painting boston ma memorial portrait painting commission
About This Project

Upon learning about the portrait painting commissions I do, a local business owner approached me to ask if I ever work with photographs other than my own as source material for commissions? At first, my response was to shy away from working with someone else’s source image that might not be the greatest quality. However, because of his initial disappointment at my answer, I inquired as to what he had in mind?

As it turned out, Stevie only had one photograph in his possession with him and his father together, where they were both smiling. It was an invaluable treasure…  a rare moment in their lives when they were together and happy. It was evident that this photograph was both deeply personal and irreplaceable.

I asked him to send it to me to take a look. The photograph he sent me was no more than a low resolution flip phone selfie — essentially terrible quality. But it was at least something to work with, and I let him know that I was up for the challenge to create a beautiful painting from what he gave me.

At the formal unveiling in the presence of a group of friends and colleagues, I would venture a guess that there was not a dry eye in the room.

This portrait was a turning point for creating painting commissions from source images other than my own and I welcome inquiries for paintings using client-supplied imagery.




Who in your life, past or present, deserves to be commemorated in an oil painting?